Meet Derek

This is me carefully ​examining the curvature of a pair of scissors, in my workshop.

You’ll find me in my workshop with my many professional sharpening tools. I have a home-based business — so I can give you SUPER LOW prices because… no overheads!


AND, Because I sharpen in my home workshop, I have plenty of time — so I don’t make the shortcuts that can happen with ‘rushed’ or other cheap sharpeners. And I’m happy to take my time to explain how you can look after your knives and tools.


I don’t sell products. I’m a craftsman, not a salesman, so no pressure — just genuine service.


√   household scissors, sewing scissors, pinking shears, tin snips, aviation snips

√   beauty shears and scissors

√   chefs’ knives, fillet knives, kitchen knives, 

√   straight and serrated edge cutlery, re-serrated bread knives

√   cleavers, loppers, secateurs

√   poultry shears

√   pocket knives, hunting knives

√  linoleum and carpet knives

Interested in some of my tools?